Monday, December 21, 2009


The past few weeks I have literally been sitting on a stack of inked sequential pages... all pages from artists whom I respect and well are just basically, the bees knees IMHO... Norten, Seeley, LaFuente and Igle. For the last two weeks I have been working on a few pages from PW's Hellcat Ish 4 by David LaFuente. It's been really hard. The whole point of doing these sample pages is because I get such crazy deadlines on my sequentials that I just don't feel like Im really being given the time to work on an area I am weaker in as a colorist. So between deadlining and life in general, squeezing in time and making a sincere effort not to rush and respect the line art, I have finally finished my first page. This is just the first round. Once I finish the other four, I will seek out crits and then make some adjustments and send them on forth. Yay! BTW, a huge thanks to David for letting me work on these... I was seriously beside myself with happyness when he sent them. :)
lines by David LaFuente

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jersey Gods Ish 09

This is the opening "dream sequence" for Issue 9 of Jersey Gods, in stores now!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009






Monday, September 21, 2009

Windy City Con

Figured it was time to update this thing. I just finished my last con for the year, which brings my total to four. Not record breaking, but since my first con ever was last year, definitely an achievement for me. My list is already growing for next year and Im hoping my first con of next year will be the Emerald City con in March.
After every con, no matter how crazy my life is, I have to take a moment and be thankful for all the amazing people I get to work with on a daily basis, and all the amazing people that I get to meet and put on my "one day I will get to work with" list. ;) No matter which category these people fall under for me, this industry truly has some of the most creative and genuinely awesome people in it, and I am just truly grateful to be a part of it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Con Updates!

I just wanted to make a quick update on the up and coming cons I will be attending. Things are starting to get crazy and stress levels are rising so I figure I better post now before I never get around to it. :) First off SDCC in July. I will be at the Image booth; selling Mayhem! prints. I will also be attending Wizard World Chicago, two weeks later (that will be fun) with my OWN table. :) Yay! Obviously, selling more Mayhem! prints, as well as some prints that will only be exclusive to WWC. And then in September I will be at the Windy-City Con with Tim Seeley. I was also thinking of attending the first-ever Long Beach Comic Con, which is in October, but at this point that one is still tentative.
And here are some colors!! Lines by Greg Titus.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Year Ago..

I colored this drawing... What's so significant about it??? Well, it happens to be MY very first coloring job. The image above is, of course, a redux. Only because the original colorization, in a word, s u c k s. Lines by the incredibly, amazingly talented Eric Jimenez.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Back!!

Yes I am! I took a little .. or long vacation back home.. in San Diego. It was a much welcomed break from the bitter cold I have been putting up with. However my career decided to take off during my little vacation... so I didn't get the tan I was hoping to get and I ended up spending 10 days of it feeling quite ill from trying to reconnect with friends and working. Also did anyone hear about the sell out of Jersey Gods #1?!? How awesome is that? So here is a big thank you for all those who participated in the sell out of my first of many publications. :) I have so much I want to post but can't... and it KILLS ME!!! XP UGH!! Anywhoz.. here is a little of what I can post. Hack/Slash:Entry Wound. Written AND Drawn by the incomparable Tim Seeley. Colors, of course, by me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Well, it is finally here.... NYCC is upon us! I have packed my bags and am ready to head out to the airport. As this only being my second con... I can already feel the nerves creeping up on me. However I am all kinds of excited because I know this con will change my career, as I know it, forever. Here is my NYCC exclusive cover with Dan McDaid.. this cover will always hold a special place in my heart, being it the first cover I got to collab with Dan on! He is LOADS of fun to work with... :) and well if I can say it... Damn! It looks GOOD!! Peace!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well, this is it.....SEVEN more days and counting till the premiere of Jersey Gods Ish 01!! I am most definitely all kinds of excited! Not only has there been lots of positive buzz about the book, but, technically, it's my first published book and from now on will always hold a special place in my heart. :) So here is a little preview clip of a panel in Ish 01. Written by Glen Brunswick and drawn by the amazingly, talented Dan McDaid!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In anticipation of my most favorite tv show EVA, I drew up a little sketch today of Kate from LOST (Evangeline Lilly). I think she is absolutely.... GORGEOUS and has the ability to make crappy, grammy bras look HOTT! Kudos to her!! I'm not much of a tv fan in general... I think it's a complete waste of time. I would much rather be drawing, or coloring. That isn't too say I don't love movies, but as far as decent tv shows worth my time, I haven't found any... except when it came to Lost. I actually do have a love/hate relationship with it. I tend to be very impatient and must know everything and this show makes me bite my lip to the point where I'm bleeding in anticipation and dying to know answers! Supposedly this season, a lot is going to be revealed, so I am in total excitement and at the same time, it feels bittersweet knowing that the awesomeness will come to an end next year. Sadness. Until then, I am now counting down the minutes till the premiere tonight! PEACE!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Attack of the Skrull(s)

I don't know what has been going on lately, but I have been a complete emotional wreck. I do tend to lean toward the moody side around my b-day, prob because getting older just sucks in general.. wish I could be a kid forEVER! Besides the birthday blues, there has been some extra drama that I am still trying to shake. This drama almost caused me to cancel my trip to New York for the NYCC and go back home a few weeks earlier than scheduled. I mean I had the finger on the button to get my hotel refund and everything. I even called my best friend, who I thought would welcome me back with open arms, and instead she reprimanded me. Apparently I needed to hear what she had to say, as hard as it was. Yes, I am not only a runner physically, but apparently emotionally as well. So now I am still going to New York, with every intention of getting my name into the heads of the people who need to know and to find a publisher for Temporal.
And even with trying to deal with all the extra crappy feelings and insecurities this drama has caused me as of late.... I still can manage to escape to my world and color someone else's beautiful. Pencils by Tone Rodriguez!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Monstrosity!

This piece was an absolute B-L-A-S-T to color! First off it was done for my partner in artistic crime, Eric Jimenez (who actually pencilled and inked it as well).... and coloring for him is always a pleasure because he never stifles me with pressure or expectations. Secondly, if you didn't realize it's a spread and even though I have done very few of them, I could seriously die happy if all I ever colored were spreads! For some reason they give me a huge sense of adventure and there is just so much room in them for me to shine.. I just go crazy with love for them! I usually tend to stick with the cooler side of the color spectrum and because I really wanted to set a certain mood for this piece and give it extra drama, I tried to push myself and use colors I am not used to using. I just thought the oranges and reds would help give it that dangerous dramatical feel... I dunno. I think in the end it turned out well. I am happy with it. I think Eric peed himself silly. I mean really.. what more could a girl want? XD

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Website Updated!!

Boo-YAH!! The new website is up and running!! Enjoy and Happy New Years!!!