Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Back!!

Yes I am! I took a little .. or long vacation back home.. in San Diego. It was a much welcomed break from the bitter cold I have been putting up with. However my career decided to take off during my little vacation... so I didn't get the tan I was hoping to get and I ended up spending 10 days of it feeling quite ill from trying to reconnect with friends and working. Also did anyone hear about the sell out of Jersey Gods #1?!? How awesome is that? So here is a big thank you for all those who participated in the sell out of my first of many publications. :) I have so much I want to post but can't... and it KILLS ME!!! XP UGH!! Anywhoz.. here is a little of what I can post. Hack/Slash:Entry Wound. Written AND Drawn by the incomparable Tim Seeley. Colors, of course, by me.

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