Saturday, May 22, 2010

Can't Sleep

This week has been one crazy ride, to say the least. I started the week going to court and finishing up my case against DDP and ended the week with an offer from Marvel. I am working hard this weekend, catching up on all my current books, as to not stress myself out too much and give Marvel my absolute best. I cannot seem to find the words to describe my excitement. I have spent the last two years busting my butt. I've taken projects for little or no money just for the sheer fact that I wanted to work to better myself, so that one day I might be able to rub shoulders with the best of the BEST. I am happy and relieved to say that day has finally arrived. And although I'm basking in my triumph, I know the hardest part of my career is ahead of me.... and thats proving to everyone at Marvel, who is giving me this wonderful opportunity, that I do have what it takes.


  1. You've got a great attitude and a great gallery. keep it up and you'll do great!

  2. wow - remember all of us little people now that you are big time

  3. Im not the type of person to forget all the people that thought I was great when I sucked :)