Monday, April 12, 2010

C2E2 & Many Thanks!!

First off, I want to send out my many thanks to everyone for all their support and kind words. You all have been an inspiration and have given me courage to keep my head up. I am truly grateful to each comment, email and message I have received in the past month.

I have been doing a lot of work recently for Boom and Bongo and they have kept me on my toes the last few weeks. However, C2E2 is in less than FIVE days and I am gearing things up to be there and alive and not a walking zombie. :) I will be over in Artist Alley at table K-5 next to my girl, miss Lauren Perry, and a horde of other great people. I will be doing sketches, as well as coloring sketches with markers and watercolors. I'll attach my prices below. I will be accepting credit cards, VISA or MC. However I will only be accepting them on prints. Any sketches or colorings will be CASH ONLY. Thanks!
So I hope to see you all there.. and please stop by and at least say, "hi!". Cheers!


Prints: $10
Sketches: $10
Color Sketches $15
Color (Pre-Drawn) Sketches $5-25

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