Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year... New Start

So after a gruesome week of collecting all my invoices, receipts, and getting myself ready for my first full year of paying taxes on my hard earned money... I decided to make a few changes. Looking over the money I brought in and giving myself a short "pat on the back", I looked around me and realized my studio was a total sham. I mean I didn't even have a book case!! All my books were piled in the closet or still in boxes from a move I made back in April. So I spent the weekend painting my studio, as well as adding a nice big bookcase, where all my books and sketch books are nicely stacked. Other new changes I am working on now is the debut of my new website... which if all goes well, should be up and running on 1.1.2009. This site isn't just a fresh update, but it's focus will be on my coloring work only. It's a huge step for me. I only started freelancing in september of 2007, and I didn't even really start working till that december, but since then I feel like I have not only grown as an artist, but I feel like I have found my calling, if you want to call it that. When I first started coloring this summer, someone told me that I belonged in the world of comics, and now I have decided to put everything I've got into making that a reality. I am not really one who is into making "new year's resolutions" just for the fact that I seem to forget about it a month later, but this year I am putting everything I am into working as a colorist. I know I am jumping in feet first, and it feels a lot like falling in love and maybe I will have my heart broken, but this is what I want, more than anything. That is not to say I will not be taking on commissions. I do have a few clients that I know will be calling and I will continue to work for them, I just will no longer be seeking work as an illustrator, only as a colorist.
Wish me luck!!
Oh, I am attaching a recently colored cover for "Temporal". I think it will be a cover at least... I am actually having it blown up to 24"x36"... it will hang in my newly renovated studio (pics to come)... and to answer your question.. YES, IT FREAKIN GLOWS IN THE DARK!! It is pure awesomeness! Awesomeness drawn by Eric Jimenez and colored by moi.

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