Friday, August 29, 2008

Dark Knight RETURNS

Yea, so once I heard there was a Dark Knight inspired competition, you know I had to throw my hat in the ring. With all the coloring I have been doing of late, I have come to realize that my drawing has taken a serious back seat. I have always loved to draw and it happened by chance that I stumbled on to coloring. At Wizard World Chicago, I was asked by someone I hold in very high regard, what I love more.. coloring or drawing?? I was completely stumped. I never imagined I would have to one day choose. I thought about it long and hard that weekend, and came to the conclusion that I love coloring. I mean I absolutely, hands down, if I could never pick up a pencil again I would be okay, love COLORING. Yes, drawing will always be my first love. But when I color I get the amazing opportunity to bring either my own or someone else's work to life. However, with all that said, I will never stop drawing. So when the opportunity came up to contribute my own dark knight piece, I jumped on it. I took the day off from coloring and drew.... I obviously colored the piece too. :) And took some screen shots so you can see the process. :) enjoy! Oh! and check out

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